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noble beneath the shield

At nineteen, Mitzi Bates left her hometown of Shelbyville, Tennessee with her heart set on a dream. Now, after eleven and a half years in New York, she runs her own fashion line, and people all over the world wear her designs. But when an incident at her boutique leaves her scared of the crowded streets in Brooklyn, she packs her bags for a long weekend at home with her best friend. 


Two days in the small town bring back memories, both good and bad. Having left on rocky ground with her family, there are still wounds that need healing - but there’s something undeniably comforting about Shelbyville. Something safe. Or perhaps it’s someone who wears a badge and protects their small town like it really matters to him that does her in. 


Atticus Steele is one of SPDs finest detectives. It’s not long before Mitzi comes to learn the man beneath the shield is much more than what satisfies the eye. But just as she starts to tie her heart to his, the truth that crime is everywhere hits home.


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