The promises they keep reveal who they are and define who they want to be….

Beckham and Addison are the picture perfect couple. High school sweethearts, still lost in love as they prepare to enter their senior year of college, marriage is a dream that weighs heavily on both of their hearts. But while Addie is trying to wait patiently for a ring, Beckham has a different proposal in mind. The decision he makes is laced with good intentions, but his journey to self-discovery may cost him the only woman he can imagine being with forever.

Grayson and Avery are just friends. While everyone tries to convince them that their study dates and late night hang outs are proof positive that their feelings are much deeper than they’ll admit to each other, they’re stubborn in their resolve to hide in the safe zone of friendship. But when Grayson’s best friend and Avery’s twin sister face hard times in their relationship, Grayson begins to question whether or not surrendering to his heart’s bidding—consequences be damned—is what love is all about.

Beckham, Grayson, Addison, and Avery learn that in romance, all they need is love—except for when life is way more complicated than that.



companion novella


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